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Updated: Jan 4, 2021

Happy New Year!! It is 2021 and now is the perfect time to audit your marketing efforts and revamp areas that may need it. In 2020, the world seemingly shut down for a brief hiatus. In those days, many small businesses suffered, but those who already had a strong social media presence soared to new heights! As the workforce move virtual so did the audiences so many of us cater to. Are you prepared for the online ages to come? It is pretty clear that we may never go back to how things were!

Steps to Revamping your Business:


Remember your beginnings and WHY you got started in your business. This is important because it shaped who you are and where you are going. Your motivations influence your business decisions and where you will dedicate your time and efforts.

Having a clear "why" behind your business can also shape the products/services you offer and guide your marketing efforts. Content marketing is especially important in this age because it helps to establish a trust and authority to your customers. It is simply providing content to your audience that is helpful and related to your niche. Branding captures the emotion of your business and shapes the experience your customers have when working or shopping with your business.

When I think about WHY we got started a media company in Calhoun County, Alabama, it always comes back to passion. We both have a passion for creation and to share the things we love with others so that it may spark creativity in them as well! We want to see our small business owners and entrepreneurs succeed and through SEO, marketing, and content creation strategies we believe we can help. We carry this over into our marketing efforts by making sure we offer helpful and needed information to make your lives easier.


Take inventory of everything you have been doing marketing wise over the past year(s) which includes your social media platforms, your website, your print media, your store front experience (if you have one).

This will help you understand what is working and what it not. Whatever seems to be working, focus your main efforts on that aspect of your marketing. BUT while your efforts may be focus on a particular aspect like your growing Facebook Group, you do not have to leave the other efforts out. Understanding what is not working well can help you understand changes you may need to make in the other areas of your content marketing strategy.


Your website is a window to your business and it is important to have one that reflects who you are and is also engaging to your customers. Busy, hard to navigate websites are actually negatively effected when it coming to ranking on Google. Make sure your website offers your audience exactly what they need and make it easy for them to find!

What does it take to have a good website?

  1. Simplicity

  2. Visually aesthetic with a clear hierarchy

  3. Use Friendly

  4. Mobile Friendly

  5. Consistent and New Content

  6. Engaging imagery


Social media is great for brand awareness and even selling. It is a platform to showcase your business's brand and drive customers to your website OR you can even sell straight from the platform creating an easy accessibility for your audiences.

A couple things to think about when recharging your social media is brand aesthetic and consistency.

  1. Brand aesthetic - is your social media visually and emotionally consistent with your brand? Schedule a photoshoot or use tools like Canva to create a visually appealing feed.

  2. Consistency - The best way to grow your social media platforms is with consistent engagement. Each time you post is another opportunity to reach your audience. Posting each day strategically and consistently maximizes your organic reach.

So, choose a platform this year to truly focus your attention on and aim to post consistent and helpful content for your audience.


The easiest way to revamp and recharge your online platforms is by having a plan! I know, I know. Planning won't be fun to most of you... however, I enjoy it. I am guilty of making at least 2-3 lists a day!

Anyways, I have began using a content calendar to help sort out my thoughts and topics for my blogs. It has been SO helpful and streamlines the process of writing and creating content. It has began to help me be consistent in posting on my website and social media platforms.

After planning out your content, schedule a time in calendar to sit down and create! Do it all at once if possible. After you create use a scheduling platform like Hootsuite, Planoly, or Later to schedule you posts ahead of time so you never forget,

Contact us to receive the same content calendar we use for FREE.

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