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Last week, we discussed the importance of your VALUE PROPOSITION. If you do not have one or need a refresher check out the blog here. Here is a quick recap:

A value proposition is the solution you offer to fix your audience's problems. This separates you from your other competitors and once you know WHAT you offer, you can focus on WHO you should offer it to. Once you have your value proposition written you can now focus on who you should be offering it to!



An ideal customer profile defines the perfect customer that your business solutions will appeal to. Your ideal customer profile narrows down your focus and help you understand how you can better serve your audience. You can create targeted ads easier and shape your content to speak directly to your ideal customer. When you speak directly to a person's pain point or struggle, they are more willing to listen and ultimately buy.

When discussing with a business owner who their ideal client is, I often hear, "but what about everyone else" or "my products are for EVERYONE!" It is scary for a small business owner to focus on an ideal client for most businesses because they feel like they are leaving people out. However, if you focus on everyone then you are focusing on no one.

"If you focus on everyone then you are focusing on no one."

If you are a business selling a dog grooming service, there is no reason to target customers that do not have a dog. They will never be a buying customer. You would want to target customers who own a dog! This is a simple example, but holds true with any business product or service.

You want to target people who are most willing to buy your service. That is why it is important to make sure you have an idea of who your ideal customer is and focus on targeting them! So, now you may be asking... how do I know who my ideal customer is?


Ideal Customer Profile Template

I have a downloadable created to help you get started! There are three sections to help you narrow down who your ideal customer is. You want to know as much about them as possible including the educational backgrounds and what they enjoy doing on the weekends. What are their biggest pain points or concerns? You want to dive deep into understanding who they are. This may be hard to truly understand your ideal customer without doing some research. I know I know, research?! Sounds like a lot, but I promise it will all be worth it.

You can do research in a couple different ways! You can be do research on your ideal customer through observing them on social media platforms, use a customer you already have, or by sending out a survey to current customers. If you plan to send out a survey, I recommend google forms if you have a google email. You can create a simple form, send the link to your customers, and their submissions will be put into an excel type file for easy access!

The 3 Sections:

1. Demographics

  1. Understanding their place within society and life will help to visualize your customer and understand their positionality.

  2. Do they have a job with enough disposable income to buy your service or product? Do they have a wife that handles all the finances?

2. Psycho-graphics

  1. These will help you understand your customer's desires and needs.

  2. Do they struggle with organization and need your product to help?

  3. Are they looking to be healthier and need an easier way to prep food?

  4. You want to understand their struggles and offer your product/service to help fix them.

3. Action Steps

  1. This section will help you understand where your ideal customer is hanging out whether that be online or at business conferences, etc.

  2. It will help you choose the right platforms to best reach your audience. You don't want to be posting tons of content on Tik Tok if you ideal customer is on Facebook.

If you want to access our easy guide to creating an ideal customer profile click HERE!

If not, stay tuned for next week on how you can continue building The NEW YOU this year! And if you missed the previous two weeks, make sure you sign up for our Nostalgia Media Insiders group and never miss a blog! We send them straight to your inbox for easy access.

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