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All through January we talked about the THE NEW YOU and revamping your business in the new year. Now it's time to LOVE the new you. February is the month of love right? So, why not carry that on over into your business as well.

Your business is YOURS and its time to share it with the world. Since you love it, it should be rather easy to make others fall in love with it also! The most important aspect of promoting your business is showing your audience why they should love your solution and connect with them on it. It is not about showing them a service or product BUT a solution to their problem.

Once you begin to offer a solution to someone's problem they start listening, especially if it is a problem they really can't fix on their own. You need to focus on reaching your ideal customer profile. Every post and effort should be speaking to them. Then your solution to their problem practically will sell itself once you begin showcasing it to them. So what ways can you do this?

  1. Website

  2. Social media platforms

  3. Print Media

  4. Make a promo video

  5. Photoshoot to showcase your brand



Overall, this the perfect platform to showcase everything about your business and who you are. If you are solely operating off of Facebook and do not have a website, it may be time to consider getting one.

When I am looking at a new business or service for me personally, I always check out their website. I look to see how professional it looks and if it sheds light on who the owners are. When working with clients, I always recommend adding photos to their website of them and or their staff. It makes it feel more personal and ultimately the customers will be more willing to trust your business.

“Judgements on a company’s credibility are 75% based on the company’s website design.” – (Source: Web Credibility Research from Stanford)

It is a window to your business and needs to exude credibility and trust or you may lose a client to another competitor due to better website designs and personal touches.


Social Media Platforms

Social media is the main avenue to gain more leads and brand awareness in 2021. If we go back to this time last year, many business were not prepared for what 2020 was going to bring. But those businesses who had online presences held their own and continued to grow in 2021.

Through social media, you can humanize your business and add personal touches to help connect with your customers and community. This will encourage more engagement with your business. And when connecting and posting content, you can always point your customers to your website and increase sales or leads. Remember, if your website is the window to your business, then it is important to always try to direct people to visit it to learn more about your business.

Here at Nostalgia Media, we always encourage you to start simple and grow. Our recommendation to choose 1 platfrom that your ideal customer uses frequently and master it! Once you are consistent and good on 1 platfrom, then you take on another. Sometimes, if you start out trying to be on all of them, you are stretching your efforts and none of the platforms will receive the focus they need for growth. If you missed it, take a look at our New You, New Platform? blog post from last month.


Print Media

While social media is a must-have you don't have to completely disregard printed media. It is important to market using multiple platforms, to help reach your ideal customers in different ways.

Print media could consist of business cards, flyers, brochures, and mailed cards. Since digital marketing has become a huge role in the marketing industry, people receive less and less physical mail than ever before. So, if you are mailing info or thank you cards then they are more likely to see it and read it because you have less competition.

Also, if you were to go to a networking event or stop by a store to discuss some of your business services, then it is nice to leave them with a physical brochure or booklet. If it is front center on their desk rather than buried deep in the email clutter of their inbox, they may be more likely to pick up the phone when they need your services.


Promotional Video

One of the best ways to connect with your customers is through visuals! A videos visual allows you to talk directly to your customers and connect with them on a personal level. Customers are more likely to stop and watch a 1 minute promo video than read a long post if they are just scrolling by!

Videos help increase engagement and are very "sharable." If your post is causing people to stop and interact with it for longer than normal, then that tells Facebook or Instagram that your post is important and should be shown to others. This then helps increase your reach to new possible customers and leads.

Videos are also a great way to add a personal touch to your website. Here is an example of a "Get to Know Us" video we made for one of our clients.

You can also check out their website here:


Branding Photoshoot

A branding photoshoot is to help capture your business and you as a business owner in a professional and clean way! Professional photographs can help elevate your social media platforms and website. It helps your customer personally connect to your business (a reoccurring theme we emphasize here) and the first impression of your website or social media is VERY important.

A few things about photography:

  1. Gives your customers a first impression - good or bad

  2. Tells your story

  3. More unique (using stock photos makes you look like everyone else)

  4. Increase your conversion - a better look at your product or service

Bring attention to your brand through high-quality, professional imagery. This helps to show your customers you are serious about your business and sets you apart from your competition. They are YOUR photos, so it automatically adds a personal touch. It is showing your customers, "Hey I am real and the services we do are real. Take a look."

A picture is worth a thousand words, especially one of the product or service you offer.


Interested in a branding photoshoot, short "Get to Know Us" video, or a website for your business? Contact me and Bryan TODAY. You can give us a call at 256-453-9237 or email

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