Spring Cleaning: Your Website

We are almost done with April and we have another spring cleaning topic for you this week… YOUR WEBSITE! Websites… the online window to your soul *cough cough* I mean business.

So, what if your website is cluttered and disorganized? What does that say about your business to first time visitors?

In my personal experience, if I visit a website and it isn’t updated or has poor design and accessibility, I will start looking for a different business. A professional website gives me vibes that the particular business is a professional business worth working with. Not everyone is like that, but I would bet that many people are. First impressions are important and typically, your website is the first thing a new potential customer sees.

What does it mean to have a cluttered website?

  1. Your navigation is not clearly laid out and there are too many clicks to get to where the customer needs to go. You can over crowd the header area and be overwhelming. Customers tend to scroll more now than they did decades ago, so you do not have to cram everything in the header. Think about how much we scroll social media on a daily basis now; scrolling through screens is practically a habit now.

  2. Too many words! More and more people are viewing from their cell phones rather than desktop. It is important then to make information easy to scan and read. You want to place your most important text in concise bullet points and use titles and subtitles to break things up. You or your website designer should create a visual hierarchy using fonts, size, and color to convey the importance of each segment of information.

  3. Not enough white space. White space is not talking about a color but rather the space in between design elements. You want to have white space in between text, images, and elements to help the viewer’s eye navigate your site more efficiently. You can use accordion style menus or hover boxes to conceal information unless prompted by the viewer to help increase a clean and minimal design.

What are a few ways to combat a cluttered website:

  1. Use a clean minimal design with ample white space

  2. Don’t overcrowd your header

  3. Use pictures or icons

  4. Avoid long paragraphs unless necessary

  5. Drop down menus can help keep the design clean

Here are a few examples of websites we have designed:

1. The Covington Team is a realty couple here in Anniston, Alabama. We had the pleasure of rebranding their website and overall business. Check out their actual website here: www.thecovingtonteam.net

- White space

- Branded Logos

- Simple Header

- Icons

- Has multiple pages so not everything has to be crammed on the home page.

- Professional photos ( need some? we have you covered)

2. Morgan Knight Photography is a local photographer here in Calhoun County. We had the pleasure of creating her logo and website! The idea with her website to make sure her photographs were the key pieces. View her website here: www.morganknightphoto.com

- White Space

- Minimal Text

- Simple Header

- Professional photographs (those are her pieces of art!)

- Consistent Branding

Don't have a website yet to declutter? Download our FREE Guide to going online here.

We also offer Website Design services if you would rather delegate the work :) Reach out to us to find out more here.

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